When I was in pastry school, I was required to take a few courses in bread making. I learned a lot and enjoyed the classes, but I much prefer to study sweets. I know many people that are fanatical about bread.  Every day I hear someone proclaim, “Bread is my weakness.”  I am glad to know these people, and I love providing bread for them. But this statement is not true for me.

Cranberry Walnut Loaf

You see, I’m a sweets kind of girl. That’s why I opened a “pastry” shop. I have always loved sugar and syrup and candy and cookies. For me, sugar is irresistible. It is the reason I get out of bed in the morning and it is what keeps me dreaming sweet dreams at night. It is my whole world. I have loved many things, but sugar will always be my first love. I prefer caramel and diplomat cream over any other kind of carb in this world. If we are what we eat, then I am happy to stand tall and shout from the rooftops that I eat sweets! I know this is why people often describe me as sweet. I can’t help it. I have sugar coursing through my veins.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to a market other than our usual grocery store. I saw a cranberry walnut bread that reminded me of one I had made in school all those years ago. The one I had made back then was a rye bread. The flavor was hearty and nutty and, of course, the cranberries gave it a little sweetness. It was delicious, but it seemed a bit too much like health food for my taste.

After tasting cranberry walnut bread again, I realized that this bread was actually quite good, and I could probably make it even better.  I knew I had to try.

I started with a bread that was whole wheat with cranberries and walnuts. It was good. But as I was eating it, I imagined a multi-grain might make it even better. So I quickly finished eating that loaf and got started on a multi-grain recipe. As I suspected, this loaf was even better and disappeared even more quickly. I decided it made sense to double the batch because it was disappearing too quickly. After doubling the batch for several days, I noticed my waist was on the way to doubling. Now, in order to try to slow this down, I started making some full-sized loaves for the store and some mini loaves for myself.

Cranberry Loaf Ciabatta

The mini loaves disappear pretty quickly because most times I have someone to help me finish.  If I’m alone, however, I can still work my way through it with ease.

I am so proud of this bread, and I am happy to offer it at the bakery. It is available daily, and if you catch it as it comes out of the oven, you just may need to buy two!


Cranberry Walnut Bread

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